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Manage tables quickly and efficiently with Just eMenu’s complete PoS suite. Provide better service to your customers with our table reservation, timer, split bills and classic Chip & PIN features. Just eMenu POS saves you time, leaving you to build and maintain excellent relationships with your customers, taking your business to new and greater heights.

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Just eMenu provides complete customer satisfaction in every way, meeting even the highest expectations. Using our iPad-based Just eMenu PoS you can easily generate and serve orders. Its functionality facilitates quick service, reducing the incidence of poor communication and the result is happy customers. The fast and easy features will let you deliver a personalised service to your customers with just a few touches and taps. With its built-in design, construction and artistry, Just eMenu provides you with a memorable user experience.

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Convert your café into a competent entity by using the ideal Just eMenu PoS, catering to your everyday needs. It is a comprehensive tool for businesses with versatile features ranging from transmitting orders to taking contactless payments and generating productivity reports with zero chances of mistakes. Just eMenu converts your café into a fully automated business where activities are run seamlessly and efficiently, accelerating productivity.

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Just eMenu POS gets everything right at in one shot! With exceptional features, we serve you with a solution that is steadfast, reliable and intuitive, allowing professionals to work at an efficient and effortless pace. Identify your best sellers with our full reporting suite feature and never let your bar run out of its stock. Allow your bar business to grow with quicker transaction processing and reduced queues using Just eMenu POS.

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